TikTok Content Creator

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Skills & expertise
Generated content
Content creation
Competitive analysis
Marketing strategy


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The position

Job description

This position is not remote-friendly and is based in Paris, where our offices are.

🖌 Our Marketing Team

No one is more creative and data-driven than this team - they have the best of both worlds!

The Marketing Team’s main mission is to get our product into the hearts of millions of users around the world.

The Growth Team builds innovative ideas to conquer markets, attract, and retain users.

The Brand Team strives to create Joko’s vision for the long term and builds a connection with all its users.

The B2B Marketing Team positions Joko as the top partner to have in our space and aims to build the most desired employer brand possible.

Led by Isa, our CMO, they are constantly innovating to take our business to new heights.

🎯 What You Will Do

The TikTok Content Creator is a key player in our team, driving digital engagement around our brand and connecting with our users on Social Media. This role is highly creative, we’re looking for someone with a keen grasp of social media nuances, excellent communication skills, and who isn’t shy in front of a camera.

Key Responsibilities

Content Creation:

  • Maintain a consistent brand presence on TikTok.

  • Craft engaging content that is aligned with what’s going on not only on TikTok but also on cultural events and news in France.

  • Work together with the Social Media team and other colleagues at Joko to craft the best calendar of content following our strategic pillars.

  • Lead the account’s reach, followers, and engagement growth making Joko stand out to TikTok users in a special way.

Content Strategy:

  • Source trends, sounds, and montages that are aligned with Joko’s brand strategy.

  • Monitor the videos once posted to gather insights for the next batch of content.

  • Evaluate content engagement and refine strategies as needed.

Feedback and Insights:

  • Gather and relay feedback based on the performance of the content.

  • Monitor direct competitors and relevant brands to analyze their strategy.

  • Be alert to any changes on the platform to adapt our strategy accordingly. This can be changed in TikTok as a whole or in our audience of followers.

  • Feed the Brand & Communications team with data so they can fill the performance reports.

In essence, the TikTok Content Creator will handle our brand’s TikTok account, ensuring the quality and frequency of posts, understanding what trends can be applied to Joko, and ensuring our followers are engaged, creating a sense of community on the platform.

Preferred experience

  • 2+ years of experience in Social Media and Content Creation: demonstrated experience in crafting videos for at least one year, showcasing expertise in engagement.

  • Languages: Must be a French native to ensure content is well understood and relatable to the French audience. Perfect English proficiency is also required.

  • Trends research: Ability to keep up with trends and understand the best timing to increase the potential of content virality.

  • Data analysis and insights: Ability to utilize data analytics to gather insights about our community.

  • Content strategy: Track record of successfully understanding followers’ data to improve the quality of content and social media initiatives.

Recruitment process

  • 20-min call with the Hiring Manager

  • 45-min personality interview with two team members

  • A case study followed by a 45-min debrief

  • 45-min Founders interview

  • Reference calls

You might also be invited to meet other team members at the office for a coffee or a drink!

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