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International Expansion Manager

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Permanent contract
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Financial management
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Product development
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🌎 Our International Expansion team

As the driving force that will make Joko a globally successful company, the International Expansion team embodies boundless ambition - and this ambition starts with conquering the US market! The team is responsible for (i) ensuring we have the right strategy and roadmap to go global and (ii) coordinating all teams’ efforts so we deliver efficiently. The IE team reports to Xavier, our CEO.

🎯 What You Will Do

As an International Expansion Manager, you will use your diverse skills to build and deliver on our expansion roadmap. You are expected to participate in all aspects of the roadmap, much like a Swiss Army knife. You’ll report to Louis, our International Expansion Lead.

  • Strategy, roadmap, and delivery

    • Work with the CEO, the CRO, and the International Expansion Lead to build the US expansion roadmap, and coordinate with all stakeholders to ensure we deliver quickly and efficiently on the roadmap;

    • Conduct in-depth market analyses of all potential markets to assess the opportunity and continuously monitor the competitive landscape;

    • Work with all teams to ensure that their processes and dashboards are adapted to multi-country operations in a relevant way.

  • Commercial

    • Collaborate with our US team to ensure we get all the possible US partners;

    • Ensure Joko has high visibility in the US affiliate ecosystem;

    • Monitor our progress in obtaining all US partners at competitive rates by analyzing the competition (with support from the Tech and Data teams).

  • Product & Tech

    • Own the US user experience and make sure the product works perfectly well for US users;

    • Together with the Product team, participate in user interviews to refine our understanding of our US user base;

    • Work with the Product and Tech teams to bring our US product to parity with our FR product;

    • Benchmark, negotiate, and select US partners and providers to bring new exciting features to our US app.

  • Marketing

    • Work with our Growth team to build a User Acquisition machine in the US;

    • Work with the Growth team to ensure that our CRM works efficiently and that we have appropriate dashboards and monitoring;

    • Work with the Communications team to ensure that we set up a qualitative social media presence and relevant broadcast CRM communications.

  • Care

    • Work with the Care team to ensure that the Care experience of US users is as good as in France;

    • Closely analyze US Care tickets & user feedback to identify specific issues and needed corrective actions.

  • Finance & Legal

    • Work with our Legal team to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in the US, with the support of external lawyers;

    • Work with our Finance team on setting up financial processes for the US entity;

    • Help build the US budget & forecasts, and participate in actual vs. forecast discussions (P&L).

  • Recruitment

    • Work with our People team to help bring US talent into our hiring pipeline;

    • Participate in the recruitment processes of the future US team.

This role will be a perfect fit if:

  • You are an entrepreneur at heart: you want to build and operate your own projects with autonomy as you’ll be in full ownership of the topics you’ll handle.

  • You want to build a unique set of skills: you are expected to understand every part of the business and be able to help out on every aspect of the roadmap, whether it is about building the competitive landscape (strategy), scaling processes (operations), creating the UA machine (marketing) or even implementing features like BNPL (product and software engineering).

Preferred experience

  • Education: You graduated from a top engineering/business school or have led outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

  • Work experience: You have >5y of XP (incl. internships) in consulting or start-up roles

  • Problem solver: You have strong analytical skills, you are creative, and you love solving complex problems.

  • Engineer at heart: You are comfortable in a technical environment. You are always curious to understand how things work and you are able to quickly learn new frameworks, new tools, or new practices. Bonus (but not required) if you have data analysis or software engineering technical skills.

  • Autonomy: You are fully autonomous and able to manage complex projects from A to Z.

  • Communication: You have strong written and verbal communication skills, and you are able to explain something complex with simple words.

  • Mindset: You have an entrepreneurial mindset, you like challenges, you like getting hands-on and you want to know more about how a tech start-up company works.

  • Efficiency: You are fond of productivity tips and able to deliver on time on projects with many stakeholders.

  • Attention to details: You know that the devil is in the details, and you have a talent for spotting flaws where there are.

  • Languages: You are fluent in English both written and spoken. Mastering French is not required.

Recruitment process

  • 20-min call with the Hiring Manager

  • 45-min personality interview with two team members

  • A case study followed by a 45-min debrief

  • 45-min Founders interview

  • Reference calls

You might also be invited to meet other team members at the office for a coffee or a drink!

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