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In J&J, Petra got the opportunity to build something completely new, and she is in her element. She eagerly accepts every new challenge. Petra passionately enjoys building something from the ground up, and it helps her grow. She has been working as a People Experience Operations Manager since January 2021. As the team leader, her job mainly entails planning the activities for the individual team members, supervising the ongoing projects, and coordinating the activities of the entire team. She is constantly in contact with her colleagues online. Partially because they tell her what they need help with, what to set differently or how to increase their capacity. Petra supports every good idea. Their work is quite hectic, so she needs to keep up the pace.

Petra lives with her family a bit further from Prague. Due to the current situation, she works mostly from home and manages to balance the time spent working and with her family. She also tries to have some time to herself. Petra takes long walks where she can unwind, relax and build up new energy.

At J&J, she leads the Divestitures & Acquisitions team consisting of eight senior people who know their way around accounting and have known J&J for some time. Whenever the company decides to sell off one of its European entities, her team is asked to support the new owners, especially in the accounting area until the takeover is completed. The team makes sure the new owner receives all historical and current data of the entity. Up until this stage, every project of such type is absolutely confidential, so everybody in her team often talks in ciphers; this can be really amusing at times. Martina’s main responsibility is to make sure her team knows what the priorities for the given period are and perform the tasks accordingly.

Martina prefers to spend her free time with her family. She also needs regular workouts to keep her good mood. For this reason, she attends guided fitness classes, like bosu balance exercise or circuit trainings. In summer, she also likes to go jogging and skiing in winter, either in Czechia or abroad.

Martin joined Johnson & Johnson after returning from abroad, where he had studied economics. Initially, he was a part of the Onboarding team and provided everything necessary for the arrival of a new employee. From preparing the employment contract, through the registration in the system to ensuring a company car. In the summer of 2018, he joined the HR Development Leadership program. Over the next three years, he tried out working in various positions and had the unique opportunity to participate in attractive projects.

Within the HR Development Leadership program, Martin is working on projects which will improve and streamline the work of the entire HR Department. For example, they have managed to tweak the recruitment process, which used to be unnecessarily lengthy and clumsy. They have modified the documentation for managers who recruit the candidates and improved the communication for the newly arriving colleagues. They finally know exactly where to go when they arrive and who to approach if necessary. Even though they are small-scale subprojects, their outcome is very significant for HR. In his third and final year in the program, Martin works as an Employee and Labour Relations specialist for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His task is to solve day-to-day issues concerning employee performance, disciplinary offenses, termination of employment, and similar matters. In JnJ, Martin sees his future career in HR, and he is interested in labor law and employee relations.

When Martin comes home from work, he changes from a suit into overalls and heads for the garden. After a long day at work, he feels that gardening is the best form of relaxing for him. His other passion is history. He is interested in creating family trees. Of course, he has his own family tree, which is very detailed.


Johnson & Johnson was founded at the end of the 19th century by three Johnson brothers. Originally a family business with fourteen employees, established in 1886 and located in a building of an ex-wallpaper factory in New Jersey, the company had a clear vision to improve medical care on all levels, a vision that drives Johnson & Johnson forward even today, over hundred and thirty years later.

Since then, the company that started with the production of surgical sutures and sterile gauzes has become the healthcare industry leader. Every day, Johnson & Johnson products affect the lives of more than one billion people around the world. The company brings the results of the latest scientific research to the patients and customers to improve their lives, one person at a time. All Johnson & Johnson employees globally are united in a common mission: To help people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives.

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Johnson & Johnson Global Services, the global shared services organization supporting the commercial businesses of Johnson & Johnson, performs selected tasks across regions and sectors using standardized end-to-end processes and state-of-the-art technology. The vision of Johnson & Johnson Global Services is “to be trusted business partners who deliver increasing value by utilizing globally standardized services that enable the power of Johnson & Johnson.” There are more than 3,000 employees in Human Resources, Finance and Procurement who work for Johnson & Johnson Global Services in key service centers located in Manila, Suzhou, Prague, Bogota, and Tampa, as well as in local country-based hubs. The one in Prague has a truly international environment, with employees of more than 40 nationalities speaking more than 33 different languages. Even though English is the main communication language in the organization, it’s great being part of such a cosmopolitan setup.

Good To Know

Your future is up to you. Equipped with resources, training, and support, Johnson & Johnson gives you the skills and capabilities to grow and succeed. Johnson & Johnson employees are empowered and encouraged to choose their own career paths, and take advantage of the opportunities throughout the diverse family of companies. Along the way, Johnson & Johnson provides tools that encourage professional development, guided by a leadership team that cares about leading and developing talent. A structured leadership framework enables the company to develop the next generation of leaders for their organization. At the core is the Credo, a unique set of values that challenges Johnson & Johnson to put the needs and well-being of the people they serve first and that ensures the employees are treated with respect and dignity.

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