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Created 15 years ago, with a current force of more than 110 employees, Incomm® always keeps on evolving year after year. With Headquarters in the area of Bordeaux (South West of France), Incomm® also possesses 12 agencies on the French territory, opened a new one in Belgium, and more recently its first office in London.

Specialised in websites development and creation, the company designs customised products adapted to each client, as a powerful display and communication tool. Incomm® proposes turnkey solutions, and manages a base of more than 4000 websites : from the domain name to web hosting, from graphic creation to web development and its SEO.

What they are looking for

Today, Incomm® recruits its new talents on two levels : All around France, their needs mainly focus on commercial profiles, in charge of developing the client portfolio.

For the Headquarters of Bordeaux, where around fifty employees are working, they are mostly looking for experienced or junior profiles from the web and creative sector (web developers, graghic designers, traffic managers), and of course, the support departments, that allow Incomm® to continue functioning at its full potential.

Good to know

At Incomm®, it’s team croissant ! And every event (birthdays, company’s anniversary, internal projects) is a good occasion for a nice breakfast between the teams. It’s little plus ? Incomm® owns modern and colored premises, communicating good vibes inside and outside the company !

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