Imagination Machine

Rob is a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who moved to Nantes in 2016. Rob was the co-founder of Aardvark in 2007, which was acquired by Google in 2010; at Google he was a product lead on Google Hangouts and Google+; and in 2012 he founded Good Eggs, where he was CEO from zero to tens of millions in revenue and hundreds of employees. As the founder of Imagination Machine, Rob is now focused on building companies with idealistic missions and grand ambitions.

Dorothée is a former journalist covering health & wellness. She met Rob and Coline in 2017, and together they launched Jho: a new brand of tampons & pads made from 100% organic cotton, available online for monthly subscription. For each box purchased, a box is given to a woman in need.

Nicholas is a former director of sales & marketing, a father of 2 kids, and a lover of small-scale fishing and agriculture. Last summer, the whole family moved from Norway to Nantes for the entrepreneurial adventure of ViteMonMarché. He loves triathlons, running and tennis...and his work!

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Imagination Machine is a startup studio: we come up with big ideas, recruit talented entrepreneurs to work on them with us, and act as a cofounder for the long-term. We provide initial financing, a powerful network of partners in France and Silicon Valley, and intense hands-on help.

Imagination Machine is specifically focused on big ideas that improve our societies and planet. We see massive opportunities to innovate in enabling healthy daily life with good food, clean products, and healthy habits; in bringing people together to spend more time with friends, family and community; in doing more with less, by reusing goods in the circular economy or optimizing our use of existing infrastructure; in applying renewable energy technologies to new sectors and consumer populations; in bringing great lifelong education and smart media to a mass audience; and many more domains where our values align with big economic opportunities.

Imagination Machine is run by Rob Spiro, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who made his way to Nantes, France.

What they are looking for

Imagination Machine is looking for talented entrepreneurs to partner with us on our next ideas or join the teams that are growing rapidly.

Entrepreneurs can be engineers, designers, business generalists, or anything else... as long as they have an entrepreneurial spirit (ready to take risks and/or with prior experience of entrepreneurship) and a strong ambition to improve the world.

Entrepreneurs need to have at least 5 to 7 years of experience in their field, as our work cycles are very short and we need to rely on their expertise to go fast and be agile.

Good to know

Be ready for Fikas! Brought to us by one of our Entrepreneurs-in-residence from Sweden, this coffee break is a unique way to wind down around good brioche and focus on friendly conversations (which have to be absolutely non-work related!)

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