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Career development

Consultants’ development at IDOYA is essential: managers are as much responsible of the missions’ success as they are of the development of the consultants' skills. Each manager is committed to giving the right level of autonomy to consultants. Furthermore, freedom is key at IDOYA: freedom to take initiatives and choose the best way to do one's job. The "horizontal" way in which we operate allows our consultants to be in close contact with the most experienced profiles of the firm.

IDOYA provides all its consultants with a skills model so that each consultant has a clear vision of his or her development path. In addition, IDOYA welcomes interns and apprenticeship students and considers these experiences as potential pre-hiring steps.

Testimonial from Mounîbah, Junior consultant

A few months after its creation, I joined IDOYA as an intern. I was very well received and integrated into the team by the 6 founders. The balance between continuous support and progressive autonomy was successful: I appreciated having a mentor to lean on as soon as I arrived, being trained during my integration and being given responsibilities on client missions. As soon as I started my internship, I was able to participate in the construction of the firm's internal operating modes / ways of working, particularly as part of our B Corp certification roadmap. I've learned a lot since my arrival and I've met some very nice people.


At IDOYA, the consultants’ development paths is part of an ongoing dialogue throughout the year to ensure that their development is coherent with the needs and values of the firm.

Each consultant has a mentor who accompanies him/her from the moment he/she joins the firm. The employee begins with a 6-day training session on topics related to the consultant's job and on subjects related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

In addition to the annual evaluation cycle, feedback is given on an ongoing basis during assignments. Training also takes place "on the job", in particular through regular experience-sharing during team meetings.