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Le Plessis-Pâté, Brétigny-Sur-Orge


HyLight's ambition is to make our societies resilient to the effects of climate change by working on the crucial step of observation and inspection to better understand our world.

HyLight is developing a solution for easily inspecting large areas. Our airship drones are capable of collecting a variety of data over hundreds of kilometers without emitting greenhouse gases.

Our activities include :

Detecting methane leaks on gas infrastructures (4% of global GHG emissions). Inspecting power lines to prevent blackouts and forest fires. We aim to inspect over 5 million kilometers of energy infrastructure per year in Europe by 2030.

In 1 year, we have :

  • Developed 6 iterations of our dirigible drones.
  • Flown over 150 hours.
  • Secured our first inspection contracts with Europe's biggest energy infrastructure operators.
  • Integrated the world's best acceleration program, Y Combinator.

What they are looking for

We base our solution on operational efficiency. This efficiency is reflected in our team, who is motivated and passionate about carrying out this impactful project on a daily basis. We work together, sharing common values:

Always take action. Be authentic. Have fun.

Good to know

We fly as much as we can, constantly innovating and rapidly improving our solution. Whatever your role at HyLight, you will be actively involved in developing the innovation that will revolutionize the way we collect data from the air.

Every week, you will be able to take part in flights at Base Aérienne 217 in Brétigny-sur-Orge. This is where our offices are located. This is an ideal choice of location, as it offers an exceptional working environment in the Paris region, with fresh air, vegetation and the fields of the Ferme de l'envol, which promotes sustainable, organic and local agriculture. All this, just 30 minutes from Paris.

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