Humans Matter

Humans Matter

Change Management, Digital, Organization / Management

Lyon 2e Arrondissement, Castelnau-D'estrétefonds, Grenoble, Hong Kong, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia


Humans Matter designs and crafts innovative experiences that trigger the development of cognitive potentials and lead to the emergence of new usages.

Human fulfillment, Digital, and Cognitive Sciences are at the heart of the company and together constitute a field specific to SBT: Cognitive Design.

For more than 15 years, Humans Matter has created and built solutions for its clients around 4 main stakes:


What they are looking for

  • Who do not only work in autonomy; above all they are trying to create the best solutions by collaborating with others
  • Who act, and not only plan
  • Who target a permanent questioning and are afraid when things freeze
  • Who love obstacles because they are here to overcome them
  • Who progress with engagement, conscientiousness and spontaneity
  • Who enjoy life (eating, drinking, partying), babyfoot, ping pong, pétanque, conferences and meeting new people

Good to know

Joining Humans Matter is an opportunity to:

  • Mobilize Cognitive Sciences and Digital knowledge to evolve at the same pace as the current environment
  • Turn every client need into unique usages and experiences

  • Debate your opinion with those who usually don’t agree with you
  • Project your beliefs while establishing a co-building relationship with other
  • Wonder, doubt, distrust… but above all, are always in the action, testing and iterating

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