Health, Mobile Apps, Recruitment, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Köln

Company values

Beyond the skills specific to each profession, Hublo is looking for people excited at the idea of coming to work to make a difference, to have a major impact on the health system. This is the meaning of our mission, which drives us on a daily basis.

What we advocate at Hublo is in particular:

  • Aiming for excellence but being pragmatic and getting things done.
  • Being super adaptable, embracing change, not being afraid of instability.
  • Having a real concern and attention for others, whether they be colleagues at Hublo or the health professionals for whom we work.
  • Not taking yourself too seriously, and wanting to learn a lot, whatever your level or age. Not taking yourself too seriously also means having a little self-mockery!

Commitments and CSR

Our social commitments:

  • A CSE dedicated to our employees
  • A diversity and inclusion policy under construction
  • Benefits to allow you to combine professional life and personal life (flexible teleworking policy, meal vouchers, Gymlib, etc.)
  • A continuous improvement process thanks to feedback from our employees

Our environmental commitments:

  • Actions to raise awareness of climate issues, in which Hublees can participate regularly
  • The calculation of our carbon footprint and the creation of Hublo Green, a corporate project aimed at reducing this footprint
  • The participation of all our teams to obtain the Bcorp certification, symbol of our commitment to a responsible, global and collective approach