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All employees are eligible for all health and well-being benefits with Highspot, from their date of hire. You can also enroll your eligible dependents on most of our plans.

Recharge Fridays

The Company operates a Recharge Friday on the second or third Friday of each month, ten months a year. These days are in addition to your annual leave entitlement.

Home office Stipend

Given that our focus is on flexibility first and employees will have the opportunity to work from home during a portion of the work week, we are supplying a 465€ stipend for all employees to help make working from home as comfortable as possible.


ClassPass is changing up the fitness and wellness industry by bringing together the world’s best classes and experiences into one app. Enjoy over €20 off your monthly membership.

Transport Reimbursement

For all Southern Europe employees including interns and employees working part time, Highspot will cover 50% of the travel ticket expenses (weekly, monthly or annually).

Career development

Highspot provides a growing collection of resources to help empower our people with new skills to further their careers, improve their individual and team performance, and to drive better business performance through the acquisition and deepening of knowledge.

In August 2021, we launched LinkedIn Learning for all employees.

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that provides video and audio courses taught by industry experts in business, creative, and technology categories.

Courses are on-demand, user-driven, personalized learning, and available in multiple languages, including German, French and Japanese.

Courses covers topics spanning leadership, management, professional development, functional, and technical content. New courses are added weekly, from beginner to advanced levels.

Testimonial from Tommy, Manager, SMB Sales

My favorite guiding principal at Highspot is "Earn The Next Challenge" because I've not only experienced multiple promotions at Highspot, but I've seen others get promoted multiple times as well. If you work hard, do your job, and find ways to go above and beyond, it often gets recognized and rewarded with the opportunity to earn the next challenge.

If you work hard, do your job, and find ways to go above and beyond, it often gets recognized and rewarded with the opportunity to earn the next challenge.

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Highspot holds weekly All Hand Meetings lead by our CEO that hits on topics that are top of mind for leadership.

Highspot hosts many customer events including our annual conference, Spark and smaller events we call Soirees.

Internally we have an annual event to kick off the year, Momentum. Which bring all employees together to learn whats on the roadmap for the year and hear our leaders vision for Highspot.

Teams also have their own celebrations to recognize milestones and team accomplishments.


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