Hexa (eFounders)

Hexa (eFounders)

Corporate Support, Incubator / Accelerator

Paris, Bruxelles

About Team Tech Jobs


  • Hexa is home to startup studios eFounders, Logic Founders and 3founders. Our mission is to democratize a new way for entrepreneurship.

    • eFounders is the startup studio dedicated to launching SaaS companies and has launched successes like Aircall, Spendesk, or Front.
    • Logic Founders is the startup studio dedicated to launching fintech companies, and has launched successes like Numeral and Marble.
    • 3founders is the startup studio dedicated to launching web3 companies and has launched successes like Cohort.
  • With Hexa, we’re on a mission to democratize a new way for entrepreneurship, one that is centered around building companies as a team. We do this in two ways, 1️⃣ by supporting our existing startup studios, and 2️⃣ by creating additional ones.

  • We’re an entrepreneurial ecosystem made up of:

    • +35 companies launched
    • +2800 jobs created
    • 3 unicorns (Spendesk, Aircall, Front)
    • +$5 billion combined companies valuation

What they are looking for

We’re looking for all kinds of talent:

  • Become a founder: we are looking to partner with exceptional founders to build and grow better companies.
  • Join the core team: work hand in hand with entrepreneurs and fast-track the growth of our studios and companies.
  • Join our startups: be one of the first employees at the better companies of tomorrow.

👥 By joining the Hexa ecosystem, you’ll get to support our existing startup studios and work alongside brilliant entrepreneurs. You’ll get to participate in a unique way of entrepreneurship that we call team entrepreneurship, and which involves building companies as a team. All of us, Hexa, startup studio teams, and startups, share the same office and work together to transform startup ideas into better companies. Curious what we mean by better companies? Check out our website.

Good to know

Our values:

  🤗 Entrepreneurship, as a team

All of us are entrepreneurs, we are independent and self-motivated workers driven by the will to create and transform ideas into reality. We view entrepreneurship not as an individual endeavor but as a team sport as we believe that it is by joining forces, by building together with a team, that we achieve better outcomes.

⭐️ Eyes on the stars, feet on the ground

We have bold ideas and huge ambitions to create game-changing businesses. We are constantly challenging ourselves to innovate and achieve excellence, but we remain humble in everything we do, we recognize our limitations, leave our egos to the side and seek help from others so we can go even further.

✨ Think global, act local

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our impact, whether it’s by improving our culture at the company level by making sure we always strive for more diversity and inclusivity, or the global level by ensuring that we build businesses that make sense and leave a positive mark on the world.

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