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Our mission is to radically transform the e-commerce landscape by delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

The digital retail sector consistently grapples with the challenges of conversion rates and customer acquisition, often failing to match the performance metrics of their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

The emergence of Generative AI presents a groundbreaking opportunity to bring the physical store salesman to e-commerce. Leveraging the capabilities of a conversational sales assistant, Dialog offers real-time support precisely where and when customers need it, redefining the path to purchase with personalized engagement and support.


The Founding Team of Dialog

The Founding Team of Dialog

From left to right:

Antoine, CEO, started his first blockchain project after working in finance. He then became Client Principal at Theodo where he launched +20 products and met Louis

Louis, worked at Theodo for four years where he had the opportunity to work on more than 15 projects as software engineer, tech lead and engineering manager. He worked with a large array of technologies and frameworks and has now developed a strong focus on serverless and cloud engineering.

Together they launched 30+ products for startups and corporates, developed custom recommendation engines, and enhanced checkout processes and funnels to boost conversions.