Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies

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At Heex Technologies, we're not just a startup; we're one of the driving forces behind the evolution of autonomous vehicles.

Our mission? Transforming raw data into Smart Data, because at Heex, we believe it's not about having more data, but about having better data.

Imagine a platform that empowers you to pinpoint precisely the data you need, share insights seamlessly, and elevate your operations through unparalleled supervision, system monitoring, and continuous software enhancement.

This is what Heex delivers, offering our clients the ability to configure specific events that trigger the extraction of crucial data.

What they are looking for

Our goal is to build the best product with the best people while having a lot of fun doing it !

At Heex Technologies, diversity isn't just a word; it's our strength. Embracing a multitude of backgrounds, we cultivate an environment that values enthusiasm, nurtures growth, and encourages continuous learning. Here, in the bustling rhythm of a fast-paced international setting, our teams thrive.

Heex Technologies is growing and looking for talents across teams in software development, R&D, sales, marketing, talent management, and operations.

Discover your next adventure. Check out our open positions today!

Good to know

Since its inception, Heex has garnered recognition, earning awards such as the European Startup Prize for Mobility and the BPI France R&D Award. These distinctions underscore Heex's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and data management.

In just two years, Heex has fundraised almost 10 million euros. Backed by tier 1 investors like Google, Techstars, Shift, and Karista, Heex has transcended its initial focus on autonomous driving and is now expanding to adjacent industries like Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

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