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entities "Living Heritage Company"

In an increasingly changing and uncertain world, it is important that the company acts as a benchmark, providing training and preserving know-how, in addition to its performance and sustainability roles. We are committed to giving meaning to work, and we hope to inspire future talents to join us, and our current employees to remain with us, always with the same sense of inquisitiveness, agility and desire to learn. Françoise Raoul-Duval, Chief Executive Officer of DIAM Group

Françoise Raoul-Duval, DIAM Group CEO


carbon impact by 2030


DIAM is an international group. A partner of beauty and luxury brands and retailers, and retail expert for 50 years, DIAM creates, develops and installs merchandising, shopfitting and high-end packaging solutions to create the perfect match between brands and their consumers at the point of sale.

To achieve this, the group draws on the expertise of its companies, covering the entire value chain from consulting before the projects start, creative design, prototyping, engineering, production, installation & maintenance, through to recycling furniture at the end of its life.

What they are looking for

At DIAM, there’s never a dull moment! The teams manage ambitious projects demanding collaboration and a sense of service. As a dynamic and agile group, DIAM takes on inquisitive employees, attentive to clients’ needs, driven by technical skill and inspired by the aesthetics of the projects they develop.

Joining DIAM also means sharing full support for all the group’s CSR initiatives and actions to reduce its carbon footprint and thus contribute to limiting global warming.

So if you have a dynamic personality, a thirst for learning, a taste for work in the field, a sense of service and the will to progress in an international environment, why not apply to join them!

Good to know

Do you want to embark on a career with an international group? You’re knocking on the right door! DIAM offers the opportunity to flourish in a multicultural environment (from New York to Melbourne), covering multiple sectors (packaging, merchandising, consulting, digital, etc.) and multiple jobs (design office, digital content creation, architecture, production, cabinetmaking, purchasing, creative design, and many more besides).

You will be able to deepen your knowledge, receive training, and specialise in one of the services they offer in their portfolio.

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