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Paris, Barcelone, Casablanca, Darlington, Dubai, Londres, Madrid


Armonia is a major player in Facility Management. Drawing its origins from the hospitality business, Armonia promotes the well-being of employees and the efficiency of its clients’ real estate infrastructures.

Its mission is to support the deep transformations of the professional world by supporting its customers in their challenges of quality of life, innovation and agility.

For more than 40 years, this family group has built his own success on one conviction: the fulfillment of its teams is the foundation of customer satisfaction. Whatever the profession concerned (reception, services to the working environment, cleanliness, HR solutions, real estate, etc.), Armonia is the sum of its talents.

What they are looking for

Beyond a professional career, Armonia is looking for personalities.

There is no standard profile at Armonia, the common point of each employee is the strong values of the group:

The Team spirit ? Trust and listening are major assets for participating in exciting projects in a work environment that promotes co-construction and autonomy for everyone.

The spirit of service? Commitment and flexibility are essential qualities to meet the needs of customers. The Armonia signature is the know-how in each of its gestures.

The spirit of innovation? Curiosity and agility are key success factors to make a difference. Armonia seeks ideas and energy to develop and enrich its daily offer.


Good to know

Joining the Armonia teams means taking part in the growth of an international group, joining a passionate group, focused on people and innovation.

His ambition is to enrich the #ArmoniaLife experience on a daily basis.

How? By actively acting, so that each and every one of its employees flourishes and draws the career that resembles him.

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