SocialTech / GreenTech

Paris, Londres, New York


Founded in 2019 by Alexis, Matthieu and Arnaud, Greenly’s mission is to allow everyone to easily track their carbon footprint, so they can take part in the fight against climate change.

Greenly combines tech and carbon accounting, making carbon calculations automatic for SMEs and individuals by syncing their financial data. This lets them focus on what really matters: reducing their GHG emissions with better insights and lower costs; adopting more sustainable spending patterns, and engaging their ecosystem to navigate the energy transition.

Fintech of the year 2020, French Tech Green20 & French Tech 2030, 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups, Hottest start-up in Paris by WIRED, Greenly is now the leading carbon tracking technology. Since its foundation, more than 10 million people and +1600 companies have trusted Greenly with their carbon footprint report.

Fundraising: $23M

What they are looking for

Greenly is looking to recruit members passionate about environmental issues, with an eye for detail, who are driven and rigorous in their work. If you have a sense of curiosity and enjoy sharing your discoveries, and like working in a start-up atmosphere, we’re looking for you to join our team.

Good to know

Greenly's first permanent employees can become shareholders after the first year (BSPCE), in order to share all the value created. đź’¸

Greenly was elected fintech of the year 2020, joined the French Tech Green 20 & French Tech 2030, which aims to bring out the new technological champions of tomorrow.

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