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Founded at the end of 2018 in Bordeaux, Gouach designs and produce 100% repairable and connected electric batteries, thus limiting electronic waste, which has become commonplace in the field of e-mobility. 🔋

The main concept of Gouach lithium-ion batteries is that they contain no soldering, glue, or wires, making them safely and easily repairable in less than 10 minutes, without specialized tools. Aside from that major aspect, their connectivity allows to continuously improve the sustainability and the longevity of the batteries. 🔧

What they are looking for

Based in Bordeaux, they do their utmost to bring durability to their field, while offering a high-performance and reliable battery. Motivated by the technical challenge it represents, they are constantly evolving! That's why their team needs motivated and passionate people. 🙋

They are currently 32, but this is just the beginning, their small group is eager to welcome people who want to share their knowledge, learn and improve, while participating in this human adventure.

Their values:

Sharpness: They do their best to be precise, know their subject, they try to remove and not to add, looking for simplicit, and to do things completely. Finaly, their communication need to be to the point and actionable. 🔍

Adventure: Their prides are, courage, passion and authenticity 🚀

Commitment: they are working with the sense of duty, gratitude with each other, trust, accountability, humility, meritocracy. They seek what it's best for the group not for themselves: they take time to explain to others, take time to document and don't hesitate to ask for help. They aren't scared to dirty their hands or do something out of their scope if it has to be done. 🥽

Knowledge: They are eager to learn and to progress, but also to share, in order to achieve their goals, using their spontaneity, creativity, freedom, and happiness to do so. 💡

Good to know

Some team members and their relatives ride on bikes or scooters equipped with Gouach batteries, which puts even more pressure during updates 😅!

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