Technical Writer

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Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: June 02, 2024
A few days at home
Experience: > 3 years
Skills & expertise
Search Engine Optimization


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Job description

At Gladia, our mission is to empower developers to embed cutting-edge language AI into their apps and products easily. We do this by providing one of the most powerful AI transcription APIs for tech & product teams globally and sharing knowledge through educational, hands-on content.

We’re seeking a passionate Technical Writer to help us create helpful blog resources for our target audience.

For our blog, we create content on tech like ASR, NLP, and LLMs.

Our ideal candidate would create actionable how-to tutorials and guides for developers and tech executives willing to integrate speech AI into their apps, as well as some more theoretical deep-dives into the mechanics of Speech AI tech aimed at educating our multi-faceted audience.

Our bar for quality content is high, and we are looking to bring on individuals with deep expertise in technical copywriting.

What the job involves:

  • Long-form articles: Researching and writing informative and engaging long-form content based on content briefs, including technical deep dives, tutorials, and guides.

  • Technical documentation: Maintaining and improving our technical docs, API reference guides, release notes, and troubleshooting resources.

  • Social media copy: Create social media collateral based on the blog articles for Twitter, LinkedIn, and other industry-specific channels.

  • Website copy: You may provide occasional help with website copywriting.

  • SEO optimization: You will work with our team to ensure that all content you produce is optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords and metadata to improve discoverability and drive organic traffic to our website and blog.

Preferred experience

  • Native or near-native speaker with impeccable writing skills.

  • Knowledge of one or several programming languages and tools: Python, React, TypeScript, Docker, ChatGPT / LLMs. You will not need to write code yourself but need to have a basic understanding to follow and create tutorials.

  • Previous experience writing about AI, GenAI, NLP, and other related topics will be a big plus.

  • Ability to optimize content for SEO through strategic placement of relevant keywords based on internal guidelines.

  • Ability to conduct in-depth research based on primary (i.e. in-house interviews) and secondary sources, including on niche AI topics.

  • Ability to source and reference effectively when making claims, including from academic papers.

  • Ability to create at least 1x high-quality piece of content each week based on content briefs, together with corresponding social media collateral.

  • Timezone proximity to CET.

Recruitment process

  • 1-hour interview with Anna, in charge of Marketing

  • A writing exercise to take away

  • 30-minute discussion with Amir, our Head of Product

  • 30-minute conversation with Thibaut, our Chief of Staff

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