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Office Coordinator

Fixed-term / Temporary
Salary: Not specified
No remote work
Experience: > 3 years


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Job description

Coordinating all area in office management and work environment inside and outside including the legal aspect of office permit, coordinate with all function and department to ensure office operations, controlling reception and office building management  to ensure office operations run smoothly match with the quality-of-service Gameloft standards and policies. As part of HR and supporting Department team, taking part in improving employee experience in terms of office facilities. 


Detail responsibilities :

  • Oversee general office coordination in the Studio.
  • Maintain and check records of all bills from vendor under office management.
  • Coordinating with immigration agent in registering new expats, extending the working documents for all expat and all necessities regarding visa and/or travel document;
  • Maintain and review office budget, administer and control effectively all office expenses; follow up payments, and make sure with Accountant that all expenses are executed in due form.
  • Supervise Office team to ensure all facilities are well operated and maintained (air-conditioning, electricity, drinks, telephone, meeting rooms, office furniture. Make sure supplies and equipment are provided in sufficient quantity and monitor the use.
  • Collaborate with Purchasing to provide the best services with cost effectiveness; follow up all projects, fixing and operations related to office facilities.
  • Upon necessities, working with IT and Building Maintenance in controlling office fit out regarding installation, decoration, movement, renovation any office facilities to match with quotation, agreement with vendors and plan validated by Studio Manager;
  • Maintain inventory of office equipment and machines, ensure efficient asset management.
  • Coordinate with building maintenance to ensure all the facilities, renovation, maintenance or new installment done, run smoothly and match with the expectation and plan.
  • Compile all related report data office facilities (costs, damages, vendors) to determine the follow-up of the parties’ company, validated by Studio Manager
  • Work Closely with Legal team to make sure that all office permits are valid and in order;

Preferred experience


  • Experience in managing office at least for 3 years
  • Effective communication skill using English language 
  • Multi tasking and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Good Knowledge about building, building maintenance, safety, hygiene and security
  • Good organization skills; Abel to organize and supervise
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills;

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