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Past and future

Their story

Their story was founded in 2018 by Nicola Ebmeyer and Firster Haveman. Nicola has a consultancy background and Firster had been active in Private Equity. They both found out the Private Equity market was ready for a differentiating tool offering unparalleled investment insights and tracking capabilities of the private investment market.

As of 2022, is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech scale-ups. Our business has more than doubled every year and will continue to do so in the years ahead. We are scaling across the organization and have growth opportunities for everyone. At you can have a real impact while working with like-minded and motivated people.


Number of clients reached in 2021

Their vision aims to offer insights about sizeable companies worldwide. Hence, company profiles include key stats, financials, business profiles, background details and assessment notes. As every country publishes the financials of its companies in a different way, one of the tasks faces is to retrieve those financials and display them in a uniform way to its customers. 

Recruiting students and young graduates will help to increase the rate at which writes company profiles and scales its business. It will also allow to penetrate new markets and appeal to other customers. As an example, we are currently looking to hire Spanish students, as we have started to profile Spanish assets. 

Their vision

Company values

We run a sustainable business model. We are a HQ-less, digital-focussed and remote-first company. Everyone at is an entrepreneur. Accordingly, employees' health and wellbeing are more important to us than their work.

Contributions determine progression as we believe in lifelong learning and personal development. In the end, customer success is a personal goal for everyone and we build the platform that we would love to use ourselves.


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