Fuzzy Logic Robotics

Fuzzy Logic Robotics


Fuzzy Logic was founded by a franco-american team of specialists in command and control of industrial robots. Together, they discovered a radically new paradigm that allows untrained users to easily interact with, control, and program industrial robots for complex applications.

Today, Fuzzy Logic provides an all-in-one software platform that dramatically simplifies the use of robots especially for demanding applications in flexible production.

Their Mission: Help factories power up their competitiveness and autonomy, by making robots adapt to them - not the other way around. Every company, whatever its size, should be able to use industrial robots as a simple, everyday, economical tool accessible to non-experts.


What they are looking for

Fuzzy Logic looks for people with open, curious and engaged personalities. Above all, they look for people who take the initiative to solve the hard problems.

Industrial robotics is multidisciplinary by nature. Fuzzy Logic is therefore looking for top tech talent with diverse backgrounds in robotics, UI/UX, 3D programming, and real-time embedded computing – just to name a few.

Good to know

Working at Fuzzy Logic is a human and technological adventure. Passion, candor and open communication are essential!

• Growing start-up • Tech already recognized (iLab2020 Prize, RIMA, COVR ...) and which is only at the beginning of its potential • Diverse international team in both skills and expertise

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