Big Data, SaaS / Cloud Services

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, San Francisco


Founded in 2014 and part of OVHcloud — the European leader in cloud computing — since 2022, ForePaaS is a modern data platform that can easily create, deploy, scale and automate analytics and AI projects on the cloud. While many machine learning and data technologies are now available and open-source, the challenge of implementing analytics and AI systems at large scales is still very genuine. ForePaaS products allow users to do everything from the data processing to the vizualisation of real-time AI-powered insights, with guaranteed security and infinite scalability — in one unified cloud platform.

What they are looking for

ForePaaS is looking for passionate & curious team members who want to help them challenge the status-quo around analytics, data applications development & deployment. On a daily basis, be ready to live the hectic rhythm of a young, innovative and ambitious start-up. We are especially excited about hiring a diverse, multi-cultural team. Be ready to become autonomous, eager and collaborative: team spirit is a value carried high.

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