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Leur histoire

Leur histoire

Finary was created in 2020. Since, more than 25 000 users have joined the platform and $8 Billions worth of assets are tracked. And that's only the beginning!

After Y Combinator, Finary raised a $2.8 million Seed from prestigious investors : Kima Ventures, YC, Speedinvest, and many business angels...

These funds were used to confirm the initial vision. Now the company enters a phase where it will scale to become an European leader of finance!


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Leur vision

Finary's vision is to build the private bank of the future, accessible to all. This way we can change the way people invest and manage their personal finances, helping them to have a more fulfilling life. The first step is developing the best wealth tracker you can have, and offering tools to help users choose their investments depending on their personal objectives and preferences. Then we'll offer the ability to invest right from Finary, in a transparent and intuitive way never seen before. All of this while growing our user base to the maximum number of people can improve their personal finances and reach their objectives. That's our 2022 plan. To achieve these ambitious goals we need to grow the team with ambitious and experienced people!

Leur vision


Our project is ambitious, that's why we work with the very best people in their field.

We hire people that value and believe in the same things than we do - you will notice at first sight that we are obsessed with customer satisfaction. You can only deliver it genuinely with A players that ambition high quality standards and that believe that results are met with a combination of work ethics, becoming better people and having tons of fun!

We believe in a company where everyone is autonomous, responsible and open-minded. Everyone is able to organize their life as they want, hence our hybrid organization : you can work remotely or come to the office. We have very few meetings and encourage people to organize their work in full autonomy. You choose when you want to work to perform and deliver.


We talk openly about our challenges and solves them together


We want to make a difference by changing how people invest

FUN 👨🏼‍💼

We work hard, but make sure to have a lot of fun while shipping awesome product!


We build for and with our customers

CRS Commitment

Finary is on a mission to improve the quality of our lives on all aspects. We believe we can have an impact right from the beginning, that's why we actively encourage diversity, inclusion and sustainable development -to name a few.


Finary is giving 1% of its revenue to the Stripe Climate initiative to fight against global warming and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

On our first year, we have already offset the equivalent of the annual emissions of 1 car, and that's only the beginning!

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