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When Nkem Oyaghire is not conducting research, she is analyzing data gotten from her research. As a graduate of literature from Redeemer's University with a Master's in the same subject from the University of Lagos, she is passionate about the life stories of people. This passion is what she brings to her role as a Growth Research Manager at FairMoney. In this role, she investigates, learns and understands the pain points clients have with the product and proffers the best data backed solutions for these problems. Her one-year experience as a Customer support officer at FairMoney was the perfect segue into this role. Nkem has spent more than a decade of her life writing fiction while working simultaneously as a freelance copy and ghost writer. When she is not looking for ways to make money, she is either cuddling with a book, writing a story or catching up on her to-watch list.

Beyond just writing code, Demilade is obsessed with engineering and technology, its impact, and how much value can be created when it is leveraged in any system. When he isn't working, reading, or watching a movie, you are likely to find him analysing/arguing with his friends about the decisions companies around the world are making and the possible consequences

MaryJane has a B.Sc in Public Administration from Babcock University. Her career began in 2016 where she worked as an Executive Assistant in a construction company in Abuja. After 2 and half years at this company she relocated to Lagos, where she joined FairMoney to work as a Customer Support Officer. She leveraged her skills, knowledge and experience in her job and in less than a year she became the Assistant Operations Manager at FairMoney. Aside from this, MaryJane is a consultant in snail farming who gives advice to upcoming snail farmers on the best practices in the industry, as she has experience in snail rearing.

Nifemi Oluboyede is an Economics graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University who is passionate about Financial Technology & creating products that users love. He is also Co-organizer of ProductTank Lagos, a meetup for Product Manager and enthusiasts in Lagos. His career spans across working experiences with Zenith Bank, SystemSpecs (Remita), TeamApt and until recently One Finance & Investments Ltd (Carbon). When he is not working, Nifemi is playing games, watching movies or soccer, reading a book or doing music.

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FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets.

They started with a digital microcredit application on Android, and are rolling out additional financial services (current account, savings, debit card) while expanding the product to Western Africa and South-East Asia.

So far they disbursed over 3,000,000 micro-loans and give more than 7,000 loans daily. They are backed by top notch US/EU investors and have raised over USD 15m Venture Capital to support a stellar growth. They are a team of +100 between Paris, Lagos, Bangalore in Engineering (Android, Data, Backend), Product, Marketing, Risk & Data Science and Operations - and they won't rest before the FairMoney app is in the hand of millions!

Their values

Start with the client 📊 We are passionate, optimize for our users, care for our impact

Own, don't rent 💥 We strive for ownership and don’t rest until what we own is accomplished

Scientist mindset 👩‍🔬 We solve large challenges, break them into small pieces, make well reasoned conclusions

Churn 9-5 🎯 Work should is something we love and embrace - that we measure in tasks achieved, not hours completed

Fly High - Fly Low 🙌 We fly high to make big and bold plans - strategize We fly low and put our hands in the dirt to ensure the detailed high quality output of us and those that we manage

70/30 ⚡ We value execution speed and making decisions with 70% of the available data and a 30% margin of error over 100% accuracy and being blocked by over-analysis

Direct Feedback 🤝 We don't carry frustration with us but give direct feedback to our colleagues regularly to make sure we all improve and get better

Radical Focus 🔎 Our mantra is to start with the question, "What should not be done this week to increase the focus on the things that really matter

What they are looking for

FairMoney is looking for bar raisers. People that raise the standards - that are excellent in what they do and willing to solve big challenges.

They are looking for pragmatic and perseverant people that are passionate about problem solving and hungry enough to achieve their mission to build the leading mobile bank for emerging markets.

To build the best products, they want their employees to meet customers which implies to travel to the different markets. FairMoney is an international team, composed of French, Nigerian, German, Chinese employees, meaning that they value diversity a lot.

Good to know

You'd better like to travel: at FairMoney, the product is built with the client, for the client, and that is why you will have to travel in the different market, regardless of your position!

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