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Paris, Saint-Mandé

Saad is the architect behind Fairjungle.

First graduating from Ecole Polytechnique in applied mathematics, then from Mines de Paris and Sciences Po in Economics, Saad has a deep expertise in various topics.

During his career as Senior Manager at McKinsey, he was able to identify the shortcomings of Business Travel and forge a real vision of what business travel should be like.

He then launched Fairjungle in 2017 with Samir (COO) and Bertrand (CTO) in order to build the future of business travel. He's also the man behind the first travel budget prediction algorithms - a feature that remains key for Fairjungle's customers to this day.

Bertrand is the technological brain of Fairjungle.

He combines his training as a mathematician at INRIA and his senior experience at Apple or as VP Engineering at Fotopedia, to build complex products with a unique user experience.

With his long experience at Apple, where he set up the R&D lab in Paris, Bertrand is a true expert in consumer technology.

In 2017, he met Saad and Samir, joined the Fairjungle adventure as CTO and assembled the technical team still in place today.

Samir is the link between business, product and technology.

Halfway between the geek and the business guy, Samir worked on many projects related to Digital during his career as a manager at McKinsey.

It was also at McKinsey that he met Saad, with whom he created Fairjungle in 2017, then Bertrand (CTO) joined a few months later.

Samir graduated from both Centrale and HEC Paris. He works closely with Saad (CEO) and Bertrand (CTO) to design, implement and continuously adjust Fairjungle's value proposition.

Aurélie joined Fairjungle with the strong will to enter the tech industry and join a great and ambitious start-up that has set itself the challenge of breaking the codes of an aging market. She actively participates in the growth of the company by leading the acquisition of new corporate clients and by promoting a new vision of business travel !

Helena is a stellar member of the Customer Success team at Fairjungle. With her many experiences in customer service and a taste for personalized care, she supports all Fairjungle users with care and ensures that their experience is as smooth as possible.


Fairjungle is the next-generation platform that reinvents business travel.

Founded in 2017, Fairjungle has become the French (soon to be European) reference in digital travel solutions.

Our ambition : making business travel management as simple, intuitive and responsible as it should be. To achieve this, the company has leveraged its technological and user-centric DNA (its CTO is a former Apple executive) and built a platform that makes life much easier for both travelers and travel administrators.

In a nutshell :

  • 200+ corporate clients and exponential growth
  • Average booking time of 1'30 "(vs. 10+ minutes for competitors)
  • Several hundred tons of CO2 saved per year
  • Rated 4.9 / 5 by its users

What they are looking for

Fairjungle has a strong culture of excellence.

The founders (former McKinsey and Apple) are looking for people who are passionate, able to think out-of-the-box and excited to join an exceptional team to revolutionize an entire industry.

Whether you are self-taught or highly educated, Fairjungle teams stand out for their ability to think out-of-the-box and for their commitment to excellence, both in product and commercial skills (Marketing, Sales & Customer success).

Good to know

For tech profiles, full remote is accepted - with a Team day in Paris, once a month.

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