Senior Front-end Engineer H/F

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: June 30, 2024
Experience: > 3 years
Education: Master's Degree


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The position

Job description

Fabriq is looking for a Senior Front-end Engineer to join a newly created team dedicated to continuous improvement, whose ways of working and interacting will become a model for the rest of the product department.

We managed to build a product that is the leader in its category. Now, we want to significantly improve its scalability and quality. This includes polishing the UI and harmonizing patterns across the product. We need someone Front-end with strong opinions and design sensibilities in order to achieve this.

Technical stack

Single-page application in Vue.js. API REST on the backend. Historically implemented with Django running on AWS ECS, that is being phased out for services written in TypeScript and running on Cloudflare Workers. Databases : Postgres and Cloudflare D1 SQL.

Preferred experience

To apply for this job, you must have:

  • A strong experience as a Senior Front-end Software Engineer.

  • A taste for well-crafted user interfaces.

  • Strong skills in CSS.

  • Strong convictions about how your work should be done.

  • A great curiosity and thirst for knowledge that leads you to learn
    continuously. Frequent reading and/or conference attendance is a plus.

  • A great deal of theoretical knowledge BUT also, and above all, a great deal of pragmatism.

  • A willingness to question what is being done (by you and others), make suggestions and take initiative.

  • A capacity to execute fast.

  • The desire to write beautiful code. Experience with Craft is a plus.

  • The ability to work in English (one member of the department is an English speaker) and to work remotely (most of the product department works remotely).

Recruitment process

  • Screening/Candidate selection - 30 min

  • Technical test - 120 min

  • Team interview - 60min

  • Meet the CEO - 45 minutes

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