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After studying in the research field that she concluded with a Ph.D in IT, first in Brazil then in France, Cláudia joined Fabernovel at the end of 2017.

Her academic background helped her grow from Web Front End Developer to Web Full Stack. She learned many languages in the process like Typescript, Scala, or Ruby on Rails.

After several startups experiences, helping entrepreneurs in France and abroad, Pauline was interested in innovation for big companies.

Passionate about new technologies, she joined Fabernovel to help big companies develop their digital and entrepreneurial culture. Her main mission is to design transformation programs, in order to spread innovation throughout the companies’ entire organization.

Joachim joined Fabernovel in January 2016. He supports his clients to define their digital strategy, and helps them imagine, craft and launch new digital offers.

Joachim works with a multidisciplinary team (designers, analysts, engineers), who gather creativity, audacity and vision for the benefit of their clients.

French entrepreneur and associative activist of the innovation field, Stéphane Distinguin founded Fabernovel. With this company, he creates and supports startups such as Digitick, af83, Bureaux à Partager, Urban Campus.

He is behind La Cantine, the first coworking in Europe and a spot for the Parisien ecosystem to meet, exchange and share. He is also behind Parisoma in San Francisco and Le Camping, one of the first start-up accelerator in the world. Stephane was a member of the Conseil National du Numérique from 2013 to 2016 and President of Cap Digital, the european center for digital and ecological transition from 2013 to 2019.

Graduated from École Centrale de Nantes in Product Conception and Development and from the entrepreneurial Master at HEC, Julie chose to specialize in mobile services, connected devices and Information System. She joined Fabernovel in early 2015.

As Senior Product Manager, she operates on IT conception and development subjects for big companies, SME or startups in various fields : media, sport, travel agencies, or luxury retail. She participates, among other things, to the launch of an innovation lab for a client from the luxury retail industry.

Graduated in digital web, Adrien worked for several years in media and data agencies. His main subjects: management and optimization of digital campaigns on several online channels.

After a first experience working on acquisition and web monitoring for an advertiser, he joined Fabernovel to work on international and digital retail projects.

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Founded in 2003 in the heart of the French digital ecosystem, Fabernovel was born out of a conviction: that technology has the power to build a more virtuous future for companies and the world around them.

Today, we have 350 talented people on 3 continents, experts in digital transformation consulting and the creation of digital products and services. We master the expertise linked to design, technology, marketing and new cultures in the company and accompany large companies in all sectors of activity in their digital and cultural transformation projects.

This Talent Company brings together Designers, Strategists, Project Analysts, Developers, Data Analysts, Product Managers, Media Specialists, Finance Managers, DevOps, Communication Managers, Business Developers... who bring innovation to our clients. We activate the best combination of individual talents and cutting-edge methodologies for our clients, always with the aim of making them as autonomous as possible.

What they are looking for

Fabernovel is looking for audacious, curious, technophiles and smart talents that are passionate about the digital revolution. Talents looking for challenge and wishing to create and have a positive impact.

If you want to discover new jobs or develop your skills in a fast growing group, join them!

Good to know

  • Fabernovel, means two promises: FABER - because everyone makes, produces, codes, launches and builds, and NOVEL - is the opportunity to learn every day new things, differently.
  • They decrypt every year a new subject. A must read? Gafanomics where every GAFA is a super power.

Fabernovel is an entrepreneurial school: most of their alumni became entrepreneurs themselves and raised more than 100 millions euros. Their specialty is to make “premières”: first mobility apps, first guidance for blind people in metro, first coworking in Europe

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