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Front-End Developper (internship)

Salary: Not specified
No remote work


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The position

Job description

You will be responsible of the design and the development of a GUI’s Front-End capable of managing real time control of robots and machine learning algorithms in a scalable and reliable way.

You will be developing a progressive application that can be used as a mobile or web app. Backend and API will be provided, so you mainly focus on the client’s side.

We are looking for someone with a strong sense of design and great frontend coding skills.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Design relevant UX/UI interfaces for the GUI
  • Developing the GUI functionalities: Ionic + (Angular or React) using the Typescript language
  • Liaising with the robotics and software team
  • Performing autoamted and end-to-end tests on the GUI and the robots

Preferred experience

EyePick is a deep tech start-up, this requires a curiosity for science and strong coding skills.
We are looking for ambitious people, interested in building the first foundations of a fast-growing tech start-up.

You’ll be a great match with our start-up if you:

  • are currently studying computer science or related field from one of the leading schools
  • are proficient in Typescript
  • have experience with reactive programming (RxJs for example)
  • have a sense of what makes good UX/UI
  • are familiar with code production; versioning, documentation, coding standards etc.
  • you are interested in building high quality code that relies on best practices and learn from seasoned mentors
  • nice to have: notions & interest in real time control, machine learning, robotics

Recruitment process

This job is about designing and implementing the best UX/UI for EyePick’s customers. It is about faciliatating the use of complex algorithm in a simple to use interface and therefore requires strong background in design and ability to understand complex architectures.

First phone interview: 20min
Take-home technical assignment: 2 hours
Live coding interview (CTO): 1 hours
Interview with the CEO: 1hour

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