Epigene Labs

Epigene Labs

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Health, Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Paris, Boston


Epigene Labs ensures cancer drug hunters pilot R&D programs thanks to rich and diverse human genomic data. The company’s technology platform combines artificial intelligence with domain expertise for the aggregation and analysis of multi-dimensional genomic data.

The team initially focuses on the identification of immunotherapy drug targets and biomarkers based on gene expression datasets from multiple public and private databases. Epigene Labs thus aspires to significantly accelerate drug discovery for precision medicine in oncology.

The company is supported by Station F, Agoranov, Cancer Campus, AstraZeneca, and the Harvard Innovation Labs.

What they are looking for

They are building a team equipped with complementary expertise in disciplines spanning data sciences, software engineering, biology, and oncology.

They are thus seeking talents with deep expertise and autonomy in their own discipline, but also with an open mindset allowing them to create bridges towards other disciplines.

Good to know

At Epigene, each team member is responsible for – keeping alive! – its own plant. Thus, they do not forget that every day they are trying to help living beings, though they are working with machines most of the time.

When a team member is not going to be in the office, they have to coordinate with a colleague to take care of their plant, which creates a sense of shared and continuous responsibility across the team, that they are all working towards the same goal.

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