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Entrepreneur First invests in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch. We bring together people with extraordinary futures to develop their most ambitious ideas and raise money from the world’s best investors.

We’re a talent investor made up of:

  • 600+ companies launched, 60+ in Paris including La Vie (foodtech), Kinetix (creator tools), Neoplants (biotech) and many more.
  • 1 unicorn, Tractable, a computer vision company
  • $10B+ combined companies valuation, $600M+ in Paris

EF is funded and backed by some of the world's best founders and investors, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Tom Blomfield (GoCardless and Monzo) and Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind). We’re looking for the next generation of Talent Investors to join us, and enable the world’s most exceptional people to fulfil their potential.

What they are looking for

At Entrepreneur First, we believe that a small number of exceptional people will have an extraordinary impact by creating the technology companies which shape the future in ways we cannot yet imagine.

  • Founders: We’re taking a bet on high-potential individuals, who we believe can become successful founders. We decide who to select based on their current trajectory. In other words, we look at what you’ve achieved and how you’ve behaved in your life so far, to assess what you could possibly achieve in the future.

  • EF team: We exist to identify, and amplify the impact of, these individuals. We do this via our unique approach to company creation, which sees us identify and work with outliers before they even know they’re outliers, right through to the day they prove it. We call this Talent Investing

Good to know

Team Values :

  • Push yourself and others to greatness - We are ambitious overachievers.
  • Strong beliefs, weakly held - We are intellectually open.
  • We are a company of honey badgers - We are resourceful problem-solvers.
  • Together we are formidable - We are more than the sum of our parts.
  • Be the team that founders want to work with - We back great people for life.


  • A buzzing space in Station F full of ambitious founders working on world changing businesses
  • The opportunity to supercharge your learning by working with a diverse global team across Europe, Asia and North America

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