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  • Paris, Athens, Montréal, Oxford, Vilnius
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EMF Media
EMF Media
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  • Average Age

    30 years old
EMF Media

Les Plus

  • Un poste 100% en télétravail. Travaille de Bali, de Londres ou de ton canapé !
  • Des horaires de travail flexibles, tant que le planning est respecté !
  • Des accès à de nombreux trainings passionnants
  • Une équipe talentueuse, et toujours là pour s’entraider
  • Des projets clients ambitieux et toujours intéressants
EMF Media
EMF Media
EMF Media
EMF Media
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EMF Media

“Do Fast, Learn Faster”

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We are EMF. We are a growth agency, acting out of the box.

Specialized in e-commerce brands, we help businesses to scale up and become big. We set up an omniscient tailor-made plan for businesses, that no one else offers.

We don’t do hacks, we don’t do tricks, we don’t do basics.

We analyse, we target, and we reach goals.

What they are looking for

  • Creative and passionate people

  • Deep learners and people eager to discover new things

  • Digital lovers and ready to make it big !

Good to know

  • Work as per your own rhythm. Break up with boring 8am-6pm shifts.

  • Get your laptop and work from anywhere. Bali, Paris, or from your sofa. Your productivity, your rules.

  • Be surrounded by talented team members, always aiming for new learning, sharing, and self-improvements.

  • Competitive monthly rate, decided by yourself.

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