Aeronautics / Space, Electronics / Telecommunications, Specialised Engineering

Les Ulis


Elynxo is specialized in design, manufacture and maintenance of high value-added optronic equipment and sub-assemblies for the civil and military industrial sectors. This multidisciplinary expertise projects the group as a first-class partner for both the armed forces and industries.

Elynxo has strong optical, mechanical, electronic and software engineering capabilities to develop products on customer needs, from prototype to mass production, as well as the manufacture and maintenance of on-board optronic systems for the aeronautics.

In recent years, the Elynxo group has had the opportunity to expand into new markets allowing it to record continuous growth. The group can rely on the recognized expertise and know-how of women and men passionate about innovation.

Joining Elynxo means working on innovative, large-scale projects and acquiring unique experience alongside experts.

What they are looking for

Elynxo is looking for profiles passionate about innovation, wishing to advance projects as a team a. Profiles who like to try and take initiatives.

For this human-sized structure whose employees like to challenge each other, laugh and have lunch together, team spirit is an essential quality!

To support its growth, Elynxo recruits regularly.

Do you share this mindset?

Welcome to Elynxo!

Good to know

Welcome you will be: A personalized integration process is set up for each newcomer

A sportsman you will become: Swimming pool, five soccer, cross fit are nearby...

More than a job you will have: A caring corporate culture, the opportunity to learn alongside experts in their fields of expertise.

There are many activities around the premises of Elynxo: billiards, karting, but also the possibility of participating in crossword sessions, board games... The rest will just be waiting to be invented ;)

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