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echOpen Factory is a start-up committed to developing, industrializing and deploying an ultra-portable, ultra-affordable and easy-to-use ultrasound imaging solution: a versatile tool for a major medical revolution such a "stethoscope” of the 21st century. This solution is dedicated to the patient diagnostic orientation: fast, anywhere and at any place, it comprises an imaging probe, connected to any smartphone or tablet, completed with secure digital services, including artificial intelligence. Designed for healthcare professionals, doctors and paramedics, both public and private, this device will support practitioners in their daily clinical practice in order to improve patient care across the country.

What they are looking for

echOpen factory is looking for autonomous, agile and committed women and men who wish to contribute to meeting the challenge of making ultrasound medical imaging accessible for everyone and everywhere. People willing to improve the patient care diagnostics. Women and men sharing the values ​​of high standards and openness. People convinced that technologies can have a positive impact on the health system!

Because joining echOpen means participating in a collective and ambitious adventure that meets one of the greatest challenges of our time which is transforming medical practice!

Good to know

echOpen factory is based in the heart of Paris, within the Hotel-Dieu - AP-HP Hospital on the Ile de la Cité, allowing close and direct collaboration with healthcare professionals and the technical and scientific community of the major surrounding research centers. Each employee will be able to develop their network and skills, particularly through its partners. The atmosphere is simple, open and collaborative, mixing passion for missions and moments of informal discussions.

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