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Puteaux, Beijing, Dusseldorf, London, Madrid


Our name is ECENTIME, and we have one dream: A world where shopping is done intelligently.

We strive for a world where no matter where you are, you can shop like a local, with barriers such as language and culture being completely gone. No matter where we are, we guide our users through a shopping experience that makes them feel at home. But let’s be honest, to provide the best experience for our users, we have a lot of hard work to do. That’s why we’re looking for people who are driven, invested in their careers, creative but most importantly, enthusiastic about working with an international team.

We have been working arduously since our inception in 2017. With more than 3.5 million Chinese tourists in France and 800 thousand Chinese living here, 76% of them say they find themselves stressed out when dealing with customer service or retail workers. The issue with making sure you are buying the right product is also quite stress inducing while abroad. We saw an opportunity here: we created the first platform that helps you find local products, local brands all from the comfort of your app. With over 60 employees and over 2000 partners, we serve over 1.2 Million users from our offices in Paris, Düsseldorf, Barcelona and Xi’an.

We have a vision centered around one ideal: that with a team teeming with great ideas from all corners of the globe, we can build a future where all of our users are one click away from shopping as a local, no matter where they are.

What they are looking for

Driven, adaptable and autonomous are keywords at ECENTIME. We are looking for people who develop our international culture, love numbers and have a rebellious streak in them.

If you are passionate, entrepreneurial and want to learn more about asian and Chinese culture, feel free to join us.

Good to know

Our job is to recommend good products to good people, however, our culture is one about having fun, and enjoying your time here.

We love to eat Chinese food, Japanese food and love to explore new cuisines, so get ready to get your fill with all the restaurants in the neighborhood!

From apéro to team-building dinners, we hope you’ll join our team for all our fun events!

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