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Company values

We Protect Our Planet

This is at the heart of everything we do. Every aspect of how we do business is driven to be more sustainable and protect our planet.

We act Transparently

We have a weekly Q&A every Friday providing updates across the company and allowing others to share information to keep everyone informed about the good and challenging things happening.

We care for each other

Our employees mean everything to us, so we want to make sure they feel supported here at Dott. We organise company events, mental health week, step challenges to encourage everyone to stay active while working from home.

We Work Smart

We are always looking at ways to be more efficient both internally and externally.

We Keep Pushing

No matter the challenge we will continue to reach for the stars.

Commitments and CSR

We’re strong advocates of the car-free city, and we see ourselves as catalysts for multimodality. By offering alternative transport options that complement public transit, we’re certain we can change the way people travel – making our mission of car-free cities a reality.


  • We’ve set a target of a 100% electric logistics fleet and renewable energy in our cities, with emissions of less than 20g CO₂ eq/km in all our markets.
  • We’ve implemented measures like e-bikes and cargo bikes to reduce our emissions by 40% annually, and we’ve compensated for all of our emissions since our start in 2019.
  • Our first “battery second life” project is live in the field storing energy for a solar power farm.
  • Our first generation scooters are still on the roads 2.5 years after launching.

We’re not claiming we’ll save the world, but we’re relentlessly striving to do the right thing for people, cities, and the planet