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Diabolocom enables organizations worldwide to build brand loyalty and drive sales growth. Our innovative cloud-based solution leverages its proprietary AI technologies to optimize contact centers of medium to large sizes, enabling efficient management of customer interactions across all communication channels. As a telecom operator, we ensure premium voice quality, efficient handling of high call volumes, and provide phone numbers worldwide.

Our comprehensive range of AI services, specifically designed for customer relations, elevates data quality and automates tasks. These services, fully integrated into our cloud contact center solutions, are also accessible through APIs in multiple languages.

We empower Customer Service and Sales teams to effectively handle all inbound and outbound interactions thanks to our state-of-the-art dialer. Our solution seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs and offers real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Diabolocom, with offices across Europe, the USA, Brazil, and the UAE, proudly serves 350+ clients, with agents operating from 60+ countries.

About the Project:


Join our team as a Machine Learning Research Engineer and play a key role in the development and maintenance of our AI-based systems. From conceptualizing experiments to implementing innovative ideas, you will be responsible for all an AI/ML project’s life cycle. You will have the opportunity to impact the industry in a meaningful way, by participating in its transformation with AI. More concretely, our projects predominantly focus on text and speech data, emphasizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech processing, including ASR, speech analysis, and denoising systems.


You will take care of speech (audio modality) related applications of the R&D team. There is a possibility for the engineer to contribute to open-source related project and writing of blogs/scientific publications and proposals for research funding calls depending on their interest.

As an ML Research Engineer, your responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of tasks:

- Conceiving and developing end-to-end AI systems, from data collection and processing to module development, and evaluation methods and metrics.

- Defining and implementing AI systems, creating data pipelines, and incorporating features based on infrastructure and performance requirements.

- Establishing a benchmarking system to compare and select system evolutions using tools like Hydra, Metaflow/MLFlow, Weight&Biases, etc.

- Defining data collection, annotation, and processing protocols, developing processing pipelines, and creating datasets for specific applications.

- Managing data collection and processing for training and testing machine learning-based systems.

- Analyzing data to optimize products, adapting models, reconsidering modalities, and creating new user behavior metrics.

(Optional) Contributing to publications such as blogs, scientific articles, and interviews.

What You Will Use:


- Python

- Machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX and huggingface's transformers library

- Database technologies like MongoDB and SQL

- MLOps platforms

- Dependency management tools like Docker

- Version control tools: git/github

Your Profile:


We're seeking an expert in speech technologies with a strong focus on deep learning applications. You should have extensive experience and proficiency in:

-       Speech recognition (speech-to-text, ASR, automatic transcriptions)

-       Speech emotion recognition

-       Speaker recognition, speaker diarization, speaker identification

-       Speech synthesis (text-to-speech, TTS)

Must have skills:


- Excellent programming skills handling (software engineering skills)

- Excellent handling of python and ML-related libraries and tools

- Expertise in speech technologies at least 1 year of expertise

- Background in research (ideally has a PhD in Speech/Language tech, but can also have worked in a lab, on research project in the industry - not just in an R&D team but on actual research projects)

- Proficient in written and spoken English

Nice to have skills:

- Good C++ and C skills

- Expertise in NLP or specifically LLMs handling

Recruitment process


- Technical assignment

- Call with a Talent Acquisition Manager

- Use case

- Technical interview with the Head of IA R&D

- Interview with our COO

At Diabolocom, diversity and inclusion are in our DNA. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to color, language, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or social origin, opinion disability, age.

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