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DTSE is the internal service provider for the Deutsche Telekom Group. The public often confuses the company with the telecommunication service provider T-Mobile, which is only one of DTSE’s customers. Since 2016, almost 150 employees in Brno have been managing top projects in accounting, finance, purchasing, strategy and business development. The headquarter of the group is in Cologne, Germany and the company has branches in Germany, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The company culture, with its 18 different nationalities, is multicultural, and, for many, it represents an attractive benefit. Other benefits include the Multisport Card, Makro Card, Cafeteria plan, Pension Contribution or promotional packages offered by phone providers. There are also specific benefits aimed at a healthy lifestyle. DTSE regularly organizes yoga, Pilates or stretching classes. One can have a massage, play football or go for a group run. In addition, the company organizes Health Days with nutritionists and devices measuring various physical aspects available.

DTSE is involved in Corporate Social activities as well. The most popular in is the Lighthouse project where employees are able to contribute to planting trees with every saved euro during their business trips by just travelling in a smart and ‘green way’. In addition, DTSE offers every employee to take one day per year for volunteering activities.

What they are looking for

Anyone who likes to think outside the box and is looking forward to interesting opportunities has the door to DTSE open to them. Everybody here is a team player, communicates openly and welcomes discussion and feedback acknowledging the fact that it is the only thing allowing them to move forward. Nobody here sees the world in black and white. They perceive it from all possible angles and look for something positive in imperfections. The company atmosphere is change-oriented. Whether the employees try something new or come up with their own ideas, they always receive full support.

Good to know

DTSE places great emphasis on the development of professional skills. Each employee has its own career plan and can monitor its progress in achieving set goals. Various training sessions are organized regularly and the company also offers an online platform with over 7,000 courses. Rotations are also common, i.e. people who change their department for three weeks. It’s easy to become anything you want (e.g. an internal coach), all you have to do is try.

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