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Valérie is our Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer.
Her goal: building and maintaining a positive, inclusive and sustainable corporate culture, to attract and develop global talent, as well as looking after the wellbeing and growth of our more than 600 employees worldwide !
Valérie has over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry (Canal+, Banijay…), it was obvious that she would end up joining Deezer !

Shantelle joins us straight from sunny California, where she has worked for some of the world's most prestigious tech companies, developing and nurturing solid business partnerships.
We have no doubt that her velvet soul singer's voice is an asset in her negotiations, but clearly not the only one !
We'll let you discover her strengths and the challenges of her crucial team.

Emir joined us in 2022 as QA Team manager, responsible for the quality of our processes.
He’s also our disability referent at Deezer! Being deaf himself, he's the point of contact for employees on every topic related to disability, in order to accompany and inform them.
He's also a big traveller, so if you join us, you might get to chat with him about one of the 100 cities he has visited, or learn a bit of French sign language !

Graduated from Ecole polytechnique and Imperial College in applied statistics, mentor for young students in STEM, both as part of Deezer p-tech program, and with Dema1n organisation, Elsie has found plenty to satisfy her appetite for challenge and impact at Deezer.
Discover her team!

Clément is living proof that you can choose your destiny at Deezer :
from QA Analyst to Senior Product Manager, he has navigated brilliantly through different teams !
Listen to him talk about it - it's inspiring.
If we had to invent a company award for him :
the king of quality memes posted on Deezer's catch-all Slack channel.

Nigel is our VP Artist Relations. His role is to lead relationships with artists, labels and other partners, increase artist and label awareness of Deezer as a global brand and overall set the global Artist Relations strategy for Deezer. Music has always been at the heart of what he does, as he has had multiple experiences in label management, promoting indie/alternative music, radio programming, and now artist relations at Deezer since 2019. Without him, Deezer would not be the home of music it is today!

Graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from Les Mines Paris, Bruno is part of the Research Scientists team and he specialises in understanding user behaviour on music streaming services. At the crossroads of psychology, data science and scientific research, his main mission includes coming up with ideas for the development of Deezer, based on human behaviours and habits. If you find this kind of subject fascinating, or if you like travelling as much as he does, he’s the person to reach out to!

Olga is our Head of Market Research. She supports our marketing and brand teams in consumer research for our main markets, in order to maximise Deezer’s reach and potential. So if you’re interested in joining her team, you’ll be guaranteed to work on the coolest research projects! And if you’re an alumni from Grenoble IAE, chances are you know her as a speaker in Project Management for Marketing Consulting there.

Alexandra is our VP Product, she drives product evolution and innovation and defines its roadmap. She is a strategic partner for our technical teams. She joined Deezer in 2019 where she first started as Head of Product. She is very active in the product community and the promotion of diversity and inclusion topics, such as Women in Tech & Leadership. You will most likely see her as a speaker or mentor at events, inside or outside of Deezer!

Julie is a Senior Android Engineer. Native of the great region of Brittany, curious about technologies and innovation, she studied computer science in an engineering school at Rennes. Seduced by the idea of creating applications that will make people's life easier and more fun, she joined Deezer in February 2022 after 11 years spent in the telecommunications industry.

Native from Canada, after working for a few years in Spain, Benmar joined Deezer in 2019 first as a QA Lead, and is now a QA Manager in the Listeners team. He oversees the activity of the QA team and makes sure everyone works in harmony. He also defines the Quality Vision and Mission of the company. He’d be happy to chat about devOps, process automation, lean management or more light-hearted subjects such as travelling or sports.



From a pioneer tech start-up created in 2007, Deezer has become one of the first French unicorns and the second largest independent music streaming platform in the world.

At sixteen years old, we’re only just coming of age. Now listed on #EuroNext, Deezer is a rapidly-growing, cutting-edge player in the music streaming market. If you want an environment where you can make your voice heard and be at the forefront of music and tech, look no further!

What they are looking for

We believe music is all about embracing the things that make us different. Deezer is a vibrant community that celebrates uniqueness, diversity and individuality, and thrives on collaboration.

Our international and passionate teams pride themselves on being at the forefront of the music experience, going beyond streaming and helping the world to Live the Music. We’re constantly evolving alongside our customers, partners, artists and employees — striving to make Deezer the most personal and innovative streaming service in the world.

Ready for an electrifying journey? Apply now and do your part in bringing extraordinary music experiences to people’s lives!

Good to know

The wealth of Deezer’s catalogue is reflected in the diversity of profiles that make up our teams, counting more than 50 nationalities, whether at our headquarters in Paris or in our other offices in Berlin, London, Sao Paulo and Bordeaux.

To ensure that everybody connects and exchanges together, employees can enjoy drinks to let the steam off!

Also, as we all Live the Music here, we have our own Deezer Parties, Deezer Band and many inspired DJs, so you’ll hear a lot of music talks in the office!

It's also a pleasure to host the Deezer Sessions, DJ rooftop sessions with amazing artists or to welcome them for interviews.

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