Junior Technical Research Intern_ Trustworthy AI_CoE f/m/d

Salary: Not specified
A few days at home

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Join Our COE Team as a Technical Research Intern and make a difference

The Center of Expertise (CoE) on AI Trust and Innovation opens up for internship opportunities to contribute to our mission to capitalize on trustworthy AI Innovation at Decathlon. The CoE is dedicated to building and promoting trusted AI research and development for business growth and to develop and implement responsible AI governance & alignment to bring our values to life and enable compliance by building proof of trust in our use of algorithmic systems.

As a technical research intern on trustworthy AI, you’ll work on research projects to explore and develop trustworthy AI techniques at Decathlon.

The research area is red teaming and AI alignment, topics will focus on the operationalization of trustworthy AI which encompasses in particular fairness, equity, and inclusivity, data trustworthiness, transparency, sustainability, technical robustness, safety and security. Exact topics which you’ll work on depend on the team’s roadmap and your skills and background. Please indicate your preferred topic(s) in your letter of motivation.

Preferred skills:

  • Research skills:
    • ability to learn about trustworthy AI, grasp the latest scientific papers and determine their usefulness to implement trustworthy AI at Decathlon.
    • Awareness of topics related to Gen AI red teaming (evaluations) and alignment (e.g. human-AI interaction).
  • Scientific skills: skills related to data science and / or topics related to this field.
    • programming in Python and frameworks like pytorch
    • experience with GenAI is preferred.
  • Creativity and independent thinking: ability to apply new information to implement approaches to AI trustworthiness.
  • You’re expected to communicate comfortably and effectively in English on all work- related topics, especially when sharing research findings.
  • Some research background is preferred (Masters or PhD)

Please highlight how your background and experience demonstrate the necessary skills in your letter of motivation. If you don't possess all preferred skills but believe you could learn and contribute meaningfully, please apply and expand on this in your letter.


  • Flexibility in work organization (location, pace)
  • Freedom of choice of work tool (Mac, Windows)
  • Local project team and sharing with the global network (international route)
  • Upgrading of skills (diversity of projects, languages and technologies)
  • Internal and external training courses

Joining Decathlon means becoming part of a dynamic team dedicated to driving innovation and making a positive impact on the world of sports.


What if technology allowed us to push the boundaries and take sports experiences to new levels? That's exactly our goal at Decathlon Digital! We are a team of 5,000+ experts in software engineering, product management, data, cloud, and cybersecurity, distributed across Paris, Lille, and Amsterdam. Together, we are creating the largest digital sports platform, leveraging tech innovation from design to value chain optimization, connected experiences and product second life.

Changing the game for good. We are in this for the love of sports. And like everything we love, we want it to last. That’s why we are embarking on a journey to create a more sustainable tech model, reducing our direct environmental impact while maintaining a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for all our people to learn and thrive together. Team up with us to design the digital future of sports.

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