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We created DataGalaxy with Lazhar Sellami in 2015 to help companies understand and value their data. Previously, I was a Business Intelligence Consultant, specialized in data modeling. As we are scaling in an international environment, the major challenge is to count 50 people by the end of the year. We are recruiting great talents who will match with our values : Be intentional : Bold, Clear and Humble Sébastien’s Passion: Read Comics and polar books.

Julie joined DataGalaxy in September 2019 after graduating from an engineering school in Paris. She is involved in all the functional aspects of the product: from writing of the functional specifications, going through the testing phases, to the updating of the documentation. She loves being able to follow from A to Z all the development phases of a project, but also the exchanges with customers. She is therefore part of the support team that answers to the tickets that users create in the platform. Her passions in life? Julie loves traveling, tattoos, but also sharing on Instagram the most beautiful dishes that she meticulously prepares.

Laurent worked as a Sr Manager Data Governance for major consultancy companies before joining DataGalaxy as a Data Governance Evangelist in march 2020. Back in these days he was, with his professional services colleagues, part of the swiss knifes providing pre-sales support, managing complex RFPs, key accounts and client coaching. After a year with the company, his positioned has changed. Today he is focusing on consultancy services with his team. He helps prospects and clients leveraging the full capabilities of DataGalaxy’s DataCatalogue and ensures the right service is provided at the right time. His favorite hobbies are cooking (He owns a cooking club) and motorcycling. There are always opportunities to exchange with him around a good meal especially if this is Thai food!

Christian is the first historical employee at DataGalaxy. He's from Montreal, in Canada and has more than 20 years of experience in the domain of software development. He is one the key reference people in the company and will be more than happy to help on any matter based on the current state of things in the code. He is always actively working on the improvement of the core systems logic and architecture

Luchino, with his 10 years of experience in recruitment (inhouse and external), will have an extremely important mission, to find and recruit future team members who will join our collective adventure. Luchino is responsible for the deployment of the recruitment and the employer brand strategy as well as for creating partnerships with schools and tech communities. Luchino's passions? Travel and run Marathons


Created in 2015, DataGalaxy accompanies businesses in the transition to collaborative data governance 2.0.

User-centric, DataGalaxy offers the first data mapping platform designed for management teams and the data value chain.

Their mission is to allow each employee to stay focused on the essentials and to create value with data.

Data is a critical asset, and mastering it across your IT landscape is a clear competitive advantage. DataGalaxy is committed to providing clients with the right toolset for an unbeaten digital transformation journey, being the best of breed solution for Data mapping and collaborative knowledge sourcing. Thanks to the innovative Bottom-Up use case based approach, allowing companies to deploy data governance and optimize the data teams performance.

What they are looking for

Today in the mid-development after raising funds, DataGalaxy is looking for collaborators who are curious, ambitious, and open-minded for the internationalization of its market.

DataGalaxy is expanding its teams in order to accelerate its growth and perfect what they offer. To join you must: “Be bold, be intentional, be humble.” DataGalaxy needs motivated candidates with creativity who believe in their values (see “valeurs” tab for culture deck).

At DataGalaxy you will find a friendly and dynamic environment where it is easy to find your place…

Good to know

Being a part of the DataGalaxy team is also:

  • Having the freedom to organize your work (day package, remote working at will).
  • Having breakfast, lunch with the foodies in the teams and an end of week drink (if you’re up for it).
  • Being part of a fun team and participating in fun and motivating termly outings.
  • Having a good sense of humor and being humble.

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