“Great wines can take two years to make and it only takes a few seconds to get the wrong impression of them.”

This was the problem that led three engineers to create the French company dVine in 2012. Following more than four years of R&D, they launched the dVine, a French-made device that enables you to enjoy premium by-the-glass wines with the optimum tasting conditions. The dVine Pro is in use in 700 hotels and restaurants where high standards of quality and providing an impeccable customer experience are a priority.

What they are looking for

When you join dVine, you become part of a fast-growing SME which has retained its start-up spirit. dVine is a company with many fascinating challenges, such as manufacturing the machine, selecting and producing wine flacons, supply chain management, on-trade sales and advice and more. Every member of staff contributes their ideas and works as a team. Everything and everyone in the company is driven by the mission of “Innovating with passion to provide the most enjoyable and user-friendly wine experience.”

Good to know

People at dVine have the opportunity to work with a product that is a true symbol of enjoyment and sharing - wine! When you are part of the company, you therefore have plenty of fun moments to enjoy, such as monthly team meetings, seminars over several days in January and July, a day of grape picking in September, visits to partner wine producers and more.

To ensure that every team member is comfortable with the product, all new staff – no matter what their wine knowledge to begin with – receive between one and three days of wine tasting training with dVine’s chief wine adviser Béatrice. With exercises like tasting a dozen cheese and wine pairings to identify which work best, it quite possibly might be one of the most interesting training courses you’ll ever enjoy in your career! Each month, tastings of new wines or training sessions on a specific wine region are organised remotely or at the office, so that all dVine staff are perfectly familiar with the wine selection and able to talk about the wines with ease.

If the idea of working for a people-centred company with real moments of conviviality tickles your curiosity and if sharing the thrills of a fast-growing company with incredible potential and promoting and preserving authentic wine regions sound exciting to you, D-Vine would love to hear from you and help you to develop professionally as part of its team.

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