Critizr is one of the European leaders of Feedback Management Platforms. Our solution allows large retail companies (Food, banking, optics, cinema, DIY ...) to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

Our starting point is simple: among all the collaborators of a company, it is the store Managers who are in the best position to understand and improve the customer experience. By giving them the tools to listen and converse with them, we give them the keys to customer satisfaction. In other words, the customer experience is a local matter.

Today, our solution is deployed in 30,000 establishments, from 20 different industries (Carrefour, Monoprix, Atol, Pathé Gaumont, Nocibe ..).

After 7 years of existence, a presence in more than 30 countries in the world and a fundraising of 15 million euros in September 2019, we have the ambition to overcome the European market and very quickly become a worldwide leader.

To reach these objectives and enlarge our beautiful team of 80 people, we are recruiting new talents, passionate, ambitious and entrepreneurs.

Joining Critizr is also, and above all, joining a human and challenging adventure, where the qualities of each carry a common project and values. Sharing, efficiency and kindness (very important to us!) Allow optimal working conditions.

If you have read this far, and are intrigued by the adventure, don’t hesitate, apply to join us today!

What they are looking for

At Critizr, their favourite cocktail is a mix of talent, passion and ambition. They love the taste for entrepreneurship and the desire to make things happen.

You have to be convinced that the future of a company depends on the enchantment of its customers and that Critizr can be part of it.

But by joining the adventure, you are above all joining a team where everyone contributes to each other to progress and make the company grow. Always faster, always higher ;-)

Good to know

They eat together every noon in the Criti-cantine, have invented a new type of Ping-pong, they don't all come from the North but share its conviviality (even in the Parisian office!), each newcomer goes around the whole team to understand each other's mission.

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