Logistics, Shipping and Ground Transport

Paris, London, New York City


Convelio is a licensed freight forwarding startup evolving at the intersection of Tech, Logistics and the Art World. The startup specialises in the global shipping of high-end goods: paintings, sculptures, basically any valuable or bulky merchandise.

Convelio developed its own proprietary algorithm to offer competitive real-time shipping quotes and an end-to-end logistics service to the art market. Their mission is to become a tech-driven company in a traditional industry, and therefore make the shipping of bulky and valuable items as easy as possible for any business across the world by providing an online and seamless experience. They currently serve a wide range of customers from art galleries, antique dealers, auction houses, online platforms to interior designers.

150 colleagues scattered across France - United Kingdom - USA (where we have offices), Convelio has a strong start-up & international culture. They thrive in solving complex logistics issues for their clients, enabling both sellers and buyers in the art market. They are backed by proven technology, prominent VC’s, and boast a global network and the resources (+40M€ raised, Series B in March 2022) to seize the market opportunity.

What they are looking for

Convelio is looking for motivated and skilled people with an entrepreneurial mindset who constantly want to learn and improve themselves. As the team is growing, everyone gets a unique opportunity to grow with the company and find or create a place that fits one’s personality and wants. At Convelio, there is room for innovation and sharing of ideas!

The team cultivates an atmosphere in which people feel empowered to take initiatives but also make mistakes and learn from it. Feeling safe in your work is a requirement to achieve great things altogether, and enjoy working as a group.

Good to know

To get hired, 2 bonus criteria:

  • To be an art lover: paintings, sculpture, music, etc. They always enjoy aesthetic and artistic discussions within the office!
  • To like foreign languages: at Convelio you hear speaking french a lot but also english, italian, german, spanish, japanese… they love it!

Otherwise they have regular drinks altogether, lunches and team dinners and they enjoy doing sports too. Come and say hi!

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