Mechanical Engineering Intern - Production/Industrialization (M/W)

Job summary
Internship(6 months)
Salary: €800 a month
Starting date: August 04, 2024
No remote work
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
Technical aptitude
Usability testing
Collaboration and teamwork

Cherry Biotech
Cherry Biotech

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The position

Job description

Organs on Chip, or micro physiological systems (MPS), have the potentiality to increase the speed of discovery of new treatments and replace animal models. At Cherry we developed a new device, CubiX, that has the power of controlling the physical parameters of the cellular environment.


In our production facilities, you will learn how our products & micro-physiological system works, how they are built and characterized, and the troubleshooting process to identify and solve technical issues.

Your main tasks during the internship:

●        Assist in the design of highly specialized and complex systems to integrate into our products and prototypes.

●        Assemble and test products and prototypes.

●        Identify and implement optimization processes and actions.

●        Communicate results by reports and oral presentations to your supervisors and to the company.

●        Participate in brainstorming and follow up meetings.

Main skills expected to be acquired at the end of the Cherry experience:

●        Develop of a good theoretical and practical knowledge about the multidisciplinary, complexity and challenges associated with building and validating new advanced MPS.

●        Learn how to design, prototype, and produce with critical and analytical vision.

●        Understand the importance of usability and system design for user and market fit.

●        Improve organizational and technical skills.

Preferred experience

What we’re looking for:

●        Last year of Mechanical or other engineering/Master 2 degree

●        Previous experience(s) with product assembly, CAD or DIY projects (Maker community)

●        English fluent speaker and good writing skills mandatory.

●        Passionate about mechanical and electronical prototyping.

●        Good motivation, autonomy, teamwork and ingenuity.

Other information:

●        Position available between August/September 2024 to January/Feb ruary 2025 (6 months)

●        Lunch-voucher of 8€ (60% paid by Cherry Biotech)

●        100% of Ile-de-France transportation subscription supported by Cherry Biotech

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