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We’re a social impact business (a public benefit company), and the largest tech platform focused on civic action in the world with 85m monthly users, 50,000 campaigns launched on the site every month, 150 staff, and a mission-aligned revenue model that has grown by 500% in 2 years. We’re profitable, growing quickly, and our users win campaigns for change almost every hour. From strengthening hate crime legislation in South Africa; fighting corruption in Indonesia, Italy, and Brazil; to fighting violence against women in India.

In France, petitions have been at the centre of some of the biggest recent social movements. The Giles Jaunes movement, the fight to free Jacqueline Sauvage, and backlash against Loi Travail were all started and lead by petitions on

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
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  • Sectors

    Digital, SocialTech / GreenTech

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