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Cedreo is a 3D home design SaaS company dedicated to home builders and remodeling professionals. They provide the only solution in the world to produce great 3D renderings (interior and exterior) of a complete house in less than 1 hour instead of more than 1 day! Their customers can sell twice as much with the same sales & design team. Started in 2012 to serve one client, they now help more than 3000 users worldwide create stunning interior and exterior 3D renderings which shortens the selling process and leads to increased sales.

Cedreo is a leader in its home market of France and has now launched their product in Germany and the US where sales and support teams have been installed. Another important thing about Cedreo is that the overall environmental impact of the company is an integral part of the company's strategic focus.

What they are looking for

Continuously challenge yourself to improve, learn every day, challenge others while at the same time respecting their point of view and their ideas and know how to challenge, love communication and sharing, know how to merge your interests into that of a collective, be ready to go the extra mile to achieve your goals and know that even with that, it’s possible to fail and that it doesn’t matter because we learned something, know how to set achievable yet difficult goals while taking in to account the well being of the employees, and know that all this can’t be done without a good dose of good humor and care for others and for our ecosystem: does that speak to you? In that case, you would work well within the Cedreo culture.

Cedreo is looking for demanding, ambitious, curious, involved, people who understand that you can be serious without taking yourself too seriously and who want to evolve in a united team.

Good to know

  • Lean philosophy and agile concepts: the whole company works in 3-week sprints, continuous improvement is at the heart of the operation of every service and Cedreo in general.
  • CSR: each teammate has 6 days/year to work on CSR projects relating to the social, environmental, societal, economic or governance aspects.
  • Symmetry of attention: By taking care of its team, Cedreo takes care of its customers. In practice, their theory is that a good Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) generates a good Customer Net Promoter Score (CNPS). That's good, the two scores are excellent at Cedreo.
  • Conviviality: They also like to have good times together by celebrating collective victories, going on an annual retreat and organizing VR evenings (because after all, it is better to integrate the equipment :-)

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