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Software Engineer

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: €50K to 64K
Starting date: June 02, 2024
Experience: > 5 years
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
Generated content
Automation tools

Captain Data
Captain Data

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The position

Job description

At Captain Data, most of our work is “hidden” - working on 100+ automation and 30+ data sources, which means there are 100+ products inside Captain Data.

You can imagine the number of services and features required to run such an engine is quite advanced.

We have three APIs:

  • an automation API, our “framework”, that runs our 100+ automation on 3 different stacks between Kubernetes, micro-services, etc.

  • an Oauth2 API to handle Oauth2 dance + working as a proxy for 3rd party integrations

  • our main back-end to schedule runs, handle data manipulation, etc.

Front-end wise we have:

  • An Angular (16+) client

  • A Chrome Extension

The stack: Angular + FastAPI + TypeScript + GCP.

Your job will be to help on all fronts. This means you’ve previously worked in a high-paced environment with strong technical challenges.

Please note that this job is requiring advanced knowledge, do not apply if you've never worked on the following topics.

This job has been tailored for you if… 🦄

  • you’re proficient with TypeScript, NodeJS and Python

  • you have experience with Angular or a TypesScript front-end framework

  • you know your way with data manipulation/optimization, JSON, and databases in general (Postgres, Mongo…)

  • you’re perfectly comfortable with code architecture, design patterns, etc.

  • you design before you code (engineering-wise!)

  • you have an appetite for product-engineering topics, i.e. you’re your own PO

  • you have the mindset of a builder, you like to build & iterate fast

Preferred experience

We are meant to work together if you are… 👪

  • completely autonomous and willing to go the extra mile to own Captain Data’s multiple APIs & services

  • willing to think before coding: industrialization is key here

  • in love with automation - you can’t stand doing the same thing over and over again

  • comfortable with DevOps and a few concepts like proxies, IP rotations, etc.

  • you speak natively HTTP 🙂

  • you know how to reverse engineer APIs & have a lot of XP integrating & designing APIs

  • … looking for a challenge :)

What you’ll be working on… 🔥

  • engineering design & conception with our CTO & lead engineer

  • maintaining & refactoring the industrialized code base

  • developing new features :)

  • code reviews with your peers + QA

  • advanced data engineering features & pipelines

  • DevOps & CI/CD + automated pipelines & tools

Recruitment process

  • 30min call with our CEO, Guillaume

  • 1h15 live tech discussion with our CTO, Mathieu (+ a coding exercise before)

  • 1h15 product demo with a team member

  • Discussion with team member(s)

  • Final catch-up and validation

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