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Data Platform Engineer

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work
Experience: > 5 years


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We - Cafeyn Group

With 15 years of existence, Cafeyn Group is a multi-brand company composed of Cafeyn, Blendle, MiLibris and Kidjo and based in France, Netherlands, UK, Canada and Morocco. With almost 200 employees, we facilitate a media experience through different products.

We want to achieve strong business performance across the Cafeyn Group through organic growth, diversified revenue streams and sustainable profitability. New opportunities are continuously sought by investment both within and outside of the business.

We deliver high-value, high-focus and forward-thinking, premium infotainment (information & entertainment content) services to our partners and customers, with personalized and relevant information to entertain and educate our audience, broadening their perspective and making them more knowledgeable.

Your global mission:

Our articles are the life force of the organization. We get multiple thousands of articles each day. From a recommendation perspective, the better we understand these articles, the more value we create for our readers and listeners based on these articles. Our challenge is that we want to move towards a better understanding of these articles using state of the art NLP technologies.

We need your expertise in setting up the environment for training and tweaking these models, and the infrastructure for bringing them into production.
Besides that, we also need your help on the general data engineering team’s missions, building connectors and pipelines throughout the data ecosystem.

Our Tech stack:

  • ☁️ AWS as cloud provider
  • 🐍 Python as main programming language
  • ☸️ Kubernetes (via EKS, the AWS-managed version)
  • 💨 Airflow for job orchestration
  • ⚙️ Terraform to manage infrastructure
  • ❄️ Snowflake as datawarehouse
  • You will join the Data Engineering team, and work with our Lead Data Engineer and Lead Data Scientist on complex and diverse projects.
  • Your main challenge will be to build, deploy, and maintain data applications, such as:
    - Data APIs serving the product
    - Model inference servers
    - Batch jobs orchestrator (Airflow)
    - Tracking pipeline
  • Those tasks imply typically:
    - Python development (building APIs, connectors…
    - Infrastructure engineering(Managing cloud resources, performing operations within our Kubernetes cluster)
    - Develop data pipelines
  • Significant experience with Python (3+ years of professional experience with it)
  • Experience in architecting and deploying data systems on AWS, GCP, Azure or similar
  • Have experience dealing with container orchestration, preferrably with Kubernetes
  • Fluent in English
  • Driven by a global tech vision and concern for optimizing solutions, technically, functionally and financially
  • Curious, team spirit
  • Experience with NLP technologies and productionizing them
  • Experience working with data flows and data warehouses (Airflow/Luigi, BigQuery/Snowflake)
  • Experience with an infrastructure-as-code framework (Terraform, Pulumi…)
  • First interview with our Talent acquisition manager Ludmila
  • Informal meeting with Raphaël, Data engineering manager
  • Technical assignment to perform asynchronously, and debrief interview with tech leads
  • Culture fit with team members

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