“ ⚡️A new World of work is currently being shaped and we are part of it ⚡️”

Since 2016, Brigad has been connecting businesses in the hospitality industry with experienced freelancers for flexible shifts lasting from a few hours to several weeks. A few months ago, they successfully launched a new industry which allows healthcare facilities such as retirement homes and clinics to find on-demand staff in care and kitchen jobs!

Brigad strongly believes in its mission : “make work attractive and accessible to all” and allows thousands of self-employed people to earn a living while giving businesses the chance to work with the best talent. Brigad is currently available in the largest cities in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg..) and in the UK and will soon be available in new areas in France & Europe.

What they are looking for

They strongly believe in their four core values: B.I.C.E and we want to make sure each candidate aligns with these values.

Brave : Be bold and make courageous moves.

Impact : Do things that make a real difference.

Care : Pay attention to all the people around you.

Enjoy : Love what you do and have fun.

Good to know

They like to work with a smile! Team drinks, lunches and breakfasts are of course part of their everyday routine! Welcome to you, food, bicycling and running lovers ! (Yes they have a shower)

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