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Paris, New York


We are innovative business drivers!

After learning everything there was to learn from conventional consulting, we took our time to unlearn it. Because time is what it’s all about. No organisation wants a three-year span between an idea and the decision to make it happen. Established corporations have to find innovation but they are out-raced by more agile start-ups. What they need is to break-down barriers in order to accelerate decisions and make projects go live.

We created Bengs in 2014 to energize large corporations in order to re-invent their strategy, bring their operating model to the next level and create innovative and game-changing new businesses.

And we believe in them so strongly, that we often become stakeholders in the businesses we design.

By helping managers of big corporations to take a step aside from the inherent inertia, we create the conditions for game-changing business models design. We believe it comes from and with the experience we create: our approach literally rocks the people and challenges their habits in order to broaden their vision and to help them see new possibilities. And we energize people to accomplish this because they are the booming heart of change. By putting innovation first, we accelerate business cycles effectively leading to a change of scale.

Since we were born, we already accelerated 12 Corp-ups from large corporations and helped +40 more pivoting their operating model

What they are looking for

At Bengs, we are all innovative business drivers.

Energizing organisations is not just our common goal. It is a state-of-mind. And innovation runs in our veins.

So when we tackle a new project, whether it is in corporate performance or in new business development, we look at them as two equally challenging paths to game-changing success.

Your mission at Bengs is to inject new energy at every step of the way, however rocky is the journey. And we know you will make it because we count on your talent and our tools to transform uncertain potential into proven results, both for your clients and yourselves.

Good to know

At Bengs, all employees are called “Bees”.

We work in a living office mode from the heart of Paris or Manhattan in New-York.

Our rallying point is called the Fabrik and we’re also used to work in virtual teams, when needed, with anyone anywhere in the world.

To decompress after a week's work, we have our weekly "Friday Bubbles" where the Bees meet around a glass of champagne! (Beers tolerated!)

Otherwise, we have our quarterly "Bengs Night" and an annual 3-day Seminar with a surprise destination!

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